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OPA Board of Directors

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Provincial Directors

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OPA Office Staff

  • Ciana Canci, Financial Controller
  • Julie Kricorissian, Admin Assistant

Ashleigh Hewer, President

As an Advanced Care Paramedic with the Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ashleigh has been actively involved in multiple projects since she started her career in 2003.

Ashleigh is very focused on patient advocacy and furthering the paramedic profession. She is experienced in instructor training, peer mentoring, medical education content development and BLS/ALS preceptorship.

As the past Executive Secretary of the Ontario Paramedic Association and present Vice-President of the Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa, Ashleigh's passion for the profession will serve her well in her new role as OPA Provincial President!

Darryl Wilton, Vice-President

Darryl was elected to the OPA Board in 2014 and fulfilled the portfolio of Technology and Innovation for 1 year.

He brings 21 of experience in chapter development and growth. He is a staunch advocate for Paramedic Self- Regulation and professional advancement.

Darryl has also been the elected president of the Professional Paramedic Association of Ottawa for more than 10 years where he has participated in newsprint, radio, television, film and lobbying initiatives to promote paramedics.

While in the workplace, Darryl is also a Superintendent of Operations for Ottawa Paramedic Service and currently resides on the Board of Directors for the labour union, the "Civic Institute of Professional Personnel".

Robert Kennedy, Secretary-Treasurer

A long-time member of the OPA, Robert comes to the Board of Directors where he has been appointed as the Interim Secretary-Treasurer.

Robert graduated from Humber College in 2004 and has accumulated a breadth of experience in both land and air ambulance environments. Currently, Robert oversees the leadership team of a NGO Paramedic Service contractor and is an active flight paramedic in Ontario's Air Ambulance System.

As an outspoken advocate and supporter, he is excited to contribute and forward the ongoing important work of our association in promoting and protecting the paramedic profession and our patients.

Vacant, Executive Secretary

Candace Brandauer, Director of Membership Services

Candace is an Advanced Care Paramedic with the City of Ottawa where she has practiced paramedicine in the Nation's Capital for more than a decade

Her interest for paramedicine dates back to her teenage years where she was involved in a severe motor vehicle collision and treated by men and women in uniform who saved her life. This event left her with a great sense of gratefulness toward fellow paramedics and made her the compassionate professional she is now, promoting and advancing the vocation that now partially defines her.

The human side of the profession led her to join the Ottawa Paramedic Service Peer Support Team where she advocates to help decrease the stigma associated with Mental Health and foster awareness of PTSI in an effort to create awareness, assist her colleagues and bring awareness to real issues faced by paramedics.

Steve Annett, Director of Government Relations 

Helping others has always been the true vector which guided Steve to train and serve community as a Paramedic and then further his career as an Advanced Care Paramedic. Steve is honoured to admit he has been able to learn much throughout his career from the many great Paramedics he has been surrounded by.  

Steve is an avid supporter of the Professional development of Paramedicine and is excited about the amazing opportunities open to the advancement of Paramedicine.   

Steve brings over two decades of experience as a Paramedic and a decade serving on the Toronto Paramedic Association Board of Directors which he hopes will bring benefit to his role serving on the Ontario Paramedic Association Board of Directors.

Vacant, Director of Technology

The Ontario Paramedic Association is currently searching for a full member to fill the role of Interim Director.

Mary Osinga, Director of Education

Mary was elected back to the Board of the OPA in 2014.

Being a past Director and President, Mary brings with her extensive experience and knowledge of the OPA.

Mary is currently a CCP (F)  with a Master's Degree and a Professor of the Paramedic Program at Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario.

Mary will be heading up the research and education portfolios with the OPA bringing unique educational opportunities to Association members during her tenure.

Scott Stephens, Director of Conferences

Scott Stephens has been a Paramedic in the Ottawa area for the last 20 years.  He has been involved in the PPAO for the past 15 years, having served as President, Vice President, and currently advises the board as an Honourary Officer. He is also involved in the HELP Fund.  

Scott is a strong supporter of peer support and mental health initiatives in particular providing a family support system.    

Scott has been involved in multiple OPA Paramedicine Expo and Conferences.  He looks forward to improving, expanding and creating a financially viable future for the conference to facilitate Paramedics from across Ontario to gather and exchange ideas and information.

Alex Sapone, Director of Corporate Development

Alex has been serving the city of Cornwall SD&G as an Advanced Care Paramedic since 2014. Alex is also cross-trained in the province of Quebec where he has also been serving the population of Montreal / Laval since 2009.

Alex has always been devoted to patient advocacy and patient care. As such, he has participated in helping to educate new Advanced Care Paramedics at the college level and in a clinical setting where he volunteers to be a preceptor.

Alex is looking to use his bilingualism and dedication as an asset where he can maintain and create new sponsors so that the OPA is able to fulfill its mission and vision.