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New Change at the OPA

Date: 2018-07-16

New Change at the OPA

The OPA is a growing organization that is comprised of thousands of members. Our chapters need to be acknowledged for the majority of this incredible work as they are the ones on the front lines.

What is remarkable is that this growth phase has occurred concurrently with patient safety issues related to the Ontario Firefighter Union's proposal, provincial lobbying, pursuing legislative change, creating innovative new campaigns, running conferences, building paramedic websites, ramping it up on social media, moving offices, interviewing new staff and doing all of this while we have also been restructuring the business side of the OPA.

This is a mere snapshot of only some of the items that can place a board under considerable strain. We don't want to understate that there has been little-to-no reprieve for members of the OPA board.

The silver lining is that it does feel good to achieve great things together with our chapters, members and supporters at our side.

The OPA is proud to announce that we have selected a new office just down the street from the Ontario Legislature, close to Hospitals and beside Universities. We are now strategically located in the heart of beautiful downtown Toronto.

The OPA is also excited to announce a new 2018 Board of Directors. Your ongoing support is what makes our team successful.

New OPA Board of Directors

This past February we put out a request across Ontario for new staff and new Interim Board Members. After going through a four-phase competition, we are proud to announce that our new provincial team is in place.

Please update your contacts:

Provincial Officers

Provincial Directors

Provincial Staff

  • Julie Kricorissian, Executive Admin

Please update your contacts: 

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Click here for more information about our Board of Directors

Paramedics… “One Title - One Team”

The Ontario Paramedic Association is very proud to represent paramedics as they have continued to demonstrate incredible tenacity in a system that is under considerable strain.

At the end of the day, whether you are a Student Paramedic, Communications Officer, Tech Services member, Educator, PCP, ACP or CCP, we all come together under one entity that the public trusts and respects as “Paramedics". Collectively, we are all represented under one title and we are all one team.

The OPA believes strongly in working together as a team.

Together, we can advocate for the 1.1 million patients who receive treatment and care from Ontario Paramedics each and every year.

The OPA Board of Directors remains available to serve you. We have an established strategic plan, we have business continuity and we are always here to support our members, our chapters and our profession.

The OPA is stronger than it has ever been and we acknowledge our thousands of members, great chapters and many followers for providing their unwavering support.

We could not exist without you. Thank-you,

Darryl Wilton 


Ontario Paramedic Association

439 University Ave (5th Floor)

Toronto, ON  M5G 1Y8