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Date: 2019-08-01

Ontario Paramedics are Amazing

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Find out why you should take pride in your profession and become a member of the Ontario Paramedic Association.

The Ontario Paramedic Association was created with the goal of advocating for patients and protecting the profession of paramedicine.

As a collective group of accredited Paramedics in Ontario, we have been working on enhancing the professional image of paramedics, improving communications between paramedics, and lobbying for improvements to the standards of patient care.

In order to continue the great work that we do, our profession needs the support of Paramedics like you. As an accredited Paramedic, you are part of the collective voice of this profession, and you can help steer your future by simply becoming a member of the OPA. Every voice counts and we are a democratic organization that advocates for our members.

Join the OPA

What is the biggest advantage of becoming a proud member of the OPA?

  • Your membership gives you the ability to help steer your profession from a neutral environment that has significant clout with decision makers because we are not a labour union

Your membership also provides you with the following benefits:

  • Included subscription to Canadian Paramedicine Magazine
  • Provincial Deals for Paramedics
  • Provincial Award Nominations
  • Paramedic Scholarships
  • Member discounts on merchandise
  • OPA newsletter
  • Job Postings
  • Access to the OPA 'Pocket SHARK' (Scene Help and Reference Kit)
  • Please also remember to support the OPA's Political Action Fund to ensure paramedics have a professional and consolidated voice in the Ontario Legislature

Joining the OPA allows you to join your most forward thinking colleagues in helping advance this profession not only for current paramedics but also for the future generation of paramedics to come.

By actively participating in the evolution of your vocation, not only are you helping create the future of Paramedicine in Ontario and in Canada, but you're also becoming a better advocate for the patients that you treat every single day. Becoming a member of the OPA is the first step towards becoming the driving force for innovation, progress and professionalism.

What happens if you don't take initiative?

As paramedics, we are trained to treat the worst of situations as they come. This reactive approach is one that we take to complete our day-to-day duties when we're working on the streets as paramedics. However, as a collective group of professionals, we cannot utilize this same approach when it comes to the future of our profession.

As highly trained and accredited professionals in our field, we owe it to ourselves to actively guide Paramedicine in the direction we collectively want it to go in. We can only do this by investing in our profession.

By becoming a member of the OPA, you are taking initiative and actively advocating for the best interest of our profession along side your colleagues.

Become a proud member of the OPA, join your most forward thinking colleagues, and take control of your profession.

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Join the OPA



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